sábado, 26 de diciembre de 2009

"I'm going to give a dead cat."

The morning was ascending dry, but retained the yellow tone as simulating a gritty atmosphere, people walking rush in the center, the truth is that I really don't care were theu going. I stuck in a union demonstration step between Ninth Avenue and Third Street, I never had liked the unionists, and feminists, and poodle dogs, were all a bit exaggerated for my taste. 
I lit a cigarette, reluctantly, I knew that smoking would leave a bad taste in mouth, as I had not eaten in five days almost anything, I possibly get dizzy. 
I stepped forward a bit to my routine and decided to call my friend, he had just returned from a long journey and I knew I would be glad to get a drink. 
We are in a corner of Seventh Avenue, he was more dark and fat, I parallel thinner, we hugged to see us, our company did well, also talks progressive and encouraging liquor. 
We went to the store "Maya Quiché®," ordered two liters and two glasses, also a Tortrix ® bag and sat down to talk, people spent a hurry as usual, the truth, I felt good and relaxed to be there, was early so we drank slowly. 
Lengthened the distance between sips playing with my wallet. 
We drank for four hours, the truth in all that time had not spoken of me, just listened to promising adventures of my best friend. 
At three in the afternoon I decided I had to eat something or I'd faint, and we passed the restaurant Altuna® and ask for a ham and some croquettes; we eat so fast, paid and left. It was dusk, so we asked a taxi and went to the zone 10, I waited in the taxi as he bought the drugs what he needed, went back to zone 1. 
It was eight in the evening, the street was almost empty, there was nothing open and canchinflines trickled in between us. 
"I bought a bottle of wine, my friend suggested. 
"No, I said, better a Jack Daniels, I suggested above. 
"No, wine, wine Ednita. 
-Ok, wine will be. 
We walked to the Super 24® and bought the largest and most expensive bottle of wine we could find, drank it out of the place. 
We struck midnight on that site, the street was empty, but there were many lights in the distance, that motivated us a little. 
"Merry Christmas" my friend said. 
I smiled drunk.

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Lester Oliveros dijo...

so good, I not read english, but understand all. regards!

Anónimo dijo...

fue algo bohemio